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…where advanced technology, knowledge and proven experience drive results.
ACF was established to provide the cold forming industry with professional engineering support for all brands of machines as our main product. Consulting and part development assistance is available on all jobs.

ACF is supported by 50 years of tool engineering and part development experience in the cold forming industry. Twenty of those years have been associated in the production tool manufacturing segment producing hundreds of design-build-part development packages mostly on multi-station machines to efficiently produce many types of cold formed parts from coiled wire or prepared slugs.

Aware of how dies fail in production, we draw from our wealth of experience to create greater production efficiency through a combination of proven tool design techniques that work and the art of a balanced and well thought out forming sequence.  We design tools that can be manufactured at a reasonable price and also provide you with longer tool life. ACF is confident we can save any production company a minimum of 20% in annual tool costs when using our design services that come with a guarantee.

2D and 3D metal forming simulations are available for forming sequence analysis. All ACF designs are fully modeled and assembled in 3D for accuracy before they are manufactured. Our overall process results in lower tool costs and less time grooming the tools once installed in your machine.

We offer a variety of design and development options giving you the choice to manufacture your tools in-house, order from your toolmaker or ACF can recommend a qualified supplier.

Our guarantee: ACF strives to provide our customers with the optimum tool design service available. If a punch or die station within our original design does not perform as intended, we will provide the necessary engineering drawing corrections at no additional charge.

2D & 3D Metal Forming Simulation Available.
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