About Us

Advanced Cold Forming, LLC is owned and managed by Richard Weinandy, focused on supplying high quality engineering services directly to companies in production cold forming and tool manufacturing.

If you are unable to hire an engineer on a full-time basis or your engineering team is over-loaded or needs experienced assistance, this may be an answer for you.

Mr. Weinandy’s cold forming experience spans decades working in tool design engineering, tool manufacturing and part development: 16 plus years in tool design and part development at National Machinery Company in Tiffin, Ohio, three years working in production cold forming at RB&W Corp. in Mentor, Ohio, 20 years working as Director of Engineering for Form Flow, Inc, a large production tool manufacturer in Michigan. In all, experience on producing over 3,000 design-build-part development packages on multi-station machines to efficiently produce many types of cold formed parts from coiled wire or prepared slugs. This depth of hands-on experience provides our customers with many advantages unmatched by our competitors.

In addition to comprehensive technical services, ACF offers you a commitment to customer satisfaction that goes beyond high product quality and attention to your delivery requirements. You can depend on us to do whatever it takes to help you solve a tooling problem – as part of our overall service.